I want to go out at night! I've been trained all my life to think of night time as the most dangerous time for girls, to stay safe and buddy system it up. The thing is, I have no nighttime buddies. I can totally count on my friends for a comedy club, but not a dance club (I even changed my birthday plans one year from a dance club to an improv theater because the dancing was vetoed.) I don't want to make them come out with me- it's clear they wouldn't enjoy it- so the only time I go out to music venues or clubs is when my old high school friend comes to visit me in NYC.

How do I go out alone and at least feel safe? I know actually staying safe isn't a guarantee. I don't feel like confidence in going out alone would be an issue for me- I might even feel a bit freer, as one of my friends is kind of a slut-shamer, which would make going to a club together awkward.